Your eMail security solution falls short without intelligence into your external perimeter


While email security is a strong doorman, what is protecting your prized assets when they are not inside your own four walls?

Email security is a necessary tool to keep your data center safe, just like a doorman at the front entrance to your building. Without it, your organization is left exposed to attackers who can use email or file transfer to simply walk through your perimeter and start causing damage.

However, cyber-threats are not born internally. Increasingly, hackers who launch attacks external to your data center are threatening your business, customers, and brand with phishing scams that go after sensitive data and your reputation, and can be found anywhere on the internet.  In this reality, your ‘doorman’ solution needs enhancing, with security that can stave off the risk long before it arrives in your front lobby.

The Limitations of Existing Email Security Solutions

Let’s look at the two main problems with relying on email security alone. For the IT department, there is little to no warning when an attack is taking place, and from a business perspective, you have zero visibility or control over any scams targeting your consumers and partners outside of your perimeters.

  1. Last minute protection is often a minute too late: When it comes to consumer and employee phishing scams, damage can spread quickly, so your business needs as much warning as possible. Email security solutions focus on employees only, and can only provide intelligence once an attack is in progress. In contrast, alerting your company to the threat of a false domain long before it attempts to enter your organization is paramount, giving your IT department time to implement incident response, alert the right stakeholders and place defensive procedure into place. Without this foresight, and without an emphasis on consumers as well as employees, email security solutions are ineffective.
  1. Email security only focuses on what’s entering your network: Threats today can come from anywhere on the web, and are likely to stay hidden until the damage is already done to your customers and your brand. A rogue domain can change shape or capabilities hourly, deceiving your customers, stealing valuable data, all the while remaining under your radar.

In short, focusing only on the threats that enter your perimeter is insufficient, at best, in today’s threat landscape.

Even with better knowledge, most enterprises do not have the tools at their disposal to take down a cyber-attack like a consumer phishing scam that hasn’t breached their own network or organization.

If a threat is dealt with only when it enters your network, and the malicious domain is still out there on the web, the damage is far from done.

Give Your Security Team the Weapons for Outside-the-Perimeter Protection

Segasec finds and takes down malicious domains, and alerts you to content scraping or duplication anywhere on the internet, scanning the corners of the web for any first signs of a hacker’s intent. The perfect complement to your email security solution, it empowers your current security tools with the ability to know more, quicker.

With Segasec, your overall security posture is strengthened with three key benefits:

  1.   Broad and Full Insight. You can now protect against external threats in advance, even if they are not actively attempting to break through to your network.
  2.    Early & Proactive Intelligence. You have Segasec’s unique knowledge of what domain threats are out there, with the power of AI and Machine Learning to find and stop attackers before damage is done.
  3.    Airtight Block and Takedown. You solve the problem of consumer phishing scams for your customers and partners, providing that crucial added layer of trust to your organization, and unlike email security, directly neutralizing the malicious asset still out there.

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