With SOC Costs at a Constant High, an All-In-One Anti-Phishing Solution Cuts Expenses and Offers Better Protection


Whatever way you slice it, a SOC is an expensive undertaking. From detection and investigation into the latest cyber-threats, to mitigation, testing and improvements – there’s a lot to consider when you’re building your own SOC. The latest estimates suggest you’re looking at millions of dollars in terms of investment, starting with the $900,000 in annual salaries you need to spend, even on a 12 person team.

Cutting costs on something as important as a SOC is never a good idea, as the price could end up being a data breach or other cyber-attacks. Once you consider the loss of customer trust and reputation, class-action lawsuits, and regulatory fines – you’re going to wish you hadn’t settled for second best.

If you’re stuck between the high costs of building your own SOC and the fear of taking on a sub-par solution, you should be thinking about the best ways to outsource the handling of the most important threats to your business. The good news is, if you do it right, you will end up with lower costs and premium protection. 

Here are some must-haves to lowering your anti-phishing efforts from your overall SOC costs:


  • Unify your anti-phishing solutions

We often see companies who outsource detection solutions for phishing scams. While they may call themselves ‘complete’ detection or monitoring platforms, detection itself is insufficient against phishing. Being alerted to a threat or a suspicious domain is nothing if you don’t have the tools to take it down. With these kinds of solutions, you’re stuck sending ISP takedown requests and hoping that you get a quick response. In the meantime, the attack may be live and threatening consumers. By choosing an all-in-one anti-phishing solution, you save money and time on maintaining separate tools for monitoring, detection, take-down and response.


  • Look for better insight and earlier detection 

Your SOC may be able to identify a threat that is in progress, for example, a live domain with content that is replicating your own, but that’s hardly enough. A dedicated, outsourced phishing solution can do much more, using Artificial Intelligence and patented technology to identify content scraping and domain manipulation at the earliest possible stages of the attack. Early block and takedown means no damage to your customers or brand was done, which means there’s nothing to recover from and no impact on your bottom line.


  • Choose an experienced vendor with a heavy ‘black book’ of contacts

They say it’s who you know that matters, and when it comes to phishing scams, they have a point! While employees in your SOC are going to address a cyber-threat from scratch, looking for the right people to get in touch with and reaching out blind, a phishing solution with proven experience already has the right people on speed dial. From contacting registries or hosting providers, to automated takedown using dedicated APIs, an outsourced solution can provide the know-how and the industry expertise to make a takedown painless.


  • Think lightweight and scalable

One problem that businesses can have when they outsource security is getting stuck with a solution that negatively impacts their own performance, or limits what they can see or do. Rather than being able to reduce the amount of manpower needed, the organization is left with a new set of problems to hire for and to address. The two buzz words you need to look for are lightweight and scalable. 


A lightweight solution will have minimal, if any impact on the performance of your website or your other digital assets, a hidden cost that many businesses overlook. This will also improve the amount of time it takes to onboard.

When it comes to scale, look for a vendor that utilizes automation and Machine Learning,  to have both the ability and the resources to scale big without it costing you more behind the scenes. This way, no matter how much traffic there is or how much noise, you’ll never pay extra, or need more manpower to handle it. 

Your SOC is better prepared with an outsourced anti-phishing solution

Saving on costs is one of the main reasons that businesses choose to outsource some of their security operations. Knowing where and how to outsource will be the difference between success and failure. As 93% of data breaches can trace their source back to phishing, anti-phishing solutions that offer all of the above are your first step not only to reducing your SOC expenses, but to achieving better security than you could ever manage with your traditional in-house SOC.


The Segasec solution is:

Comprehensive, covering both intelligence and response;

Lightweight and Scalable, using the latest AI and ML technology;

Proven, with the best reputation for lightning-fast detection and response in the industry.


Talk to us about reducing your anti-phishing costs from your SOC expenses:  info@segasec.com